For Ceramics Brass Gold and Silver


Clifton Lodge Hotel  High Wycombe

   210 West Wycombe Road

   High Wycombe


   HP12 3AR

   Tel 01494 440095


Categories Antique Afgan Rugs Antique Aneroid Barometers Antique Armchairs Antique Balloon Back Chairs Antique Baluch Antique Banjo Barometers Antique Barographs Antique Barometers Antique Beds Antique Bedside Cabinets Antique Bellows Antique Bergere Antique Bisque Antique Blanket Chests Antique Bookcases Antique Bow Front Chest of Drawers Antique Bow Front Cupboards Antique Bow Fronted Cabinets Antique Bowls Antique Bracelets Antique Bracket Clocks Antique Brackets Antique Brass Antique Brass Beds Antique Breakfast Tables Antique Breakfront Bookcases Antique Breakfront Wardrobes Antique Bronze Antique Brooches Antique Buffets Antique Bureau Antique Bureau Bookcases Antique Burr Wardrobes Antique Butlers Trays Antique Cabinet Plates Antique Cabinets Antique Cake Stands Antique Camphor Chest Antique Candelabra Antique Candle Boxes Antique Candlesticks Antique Card Tablers Antique Carpets Antique Carriage Clocks Antique Caucasian Rugs Antique Chairs Antique Chaise Antique Chandelier Antique Chenets Antique Chess Antique Chest of Drawers Antique Chests Antique Cheval Mirrors Antique Chiffoniers Antique Childs Chairs Antique Clarice Cliff Antique Coal Buckets Antique Coal Scuttles Antique Coalport Antique Coffee Tables Antique Coffers Antique Console Tables Antique Convex Mirrors Antique Corkscrews Antique Corner Cabinets Antique Corner Chairs Antique Corner Cupboards Antique Credenzas Antique Cricket Tables Antique Cufflinks Antique Cupboards Antique Cups Antique Cylinder Desks Antique Davenports Antique Day Beds Antique Decanters Antique Delf Plates Antique Derby Plates Antique Desk Chairs Antique Desks Antique Dial Clocks Antique Dining Chairs Antique Dining Tables Antique Display Cabinets Antique Doors Antique Double Wardrobes Antique Dresser Bases Antique Dressers Antique Dressing Mirrors Antique Dressing Tables Antique Drop Leaf Tables Antique Edwardian Chairs Antique Edwardian Desks Antique Edwardian Wardrobes Antique Elbow Chairs Antique English Clocks Antique Engravings Antique Extending Tables Antique Farmhouse Table Antique Fenders Antique Fire Dogs Antique Fire Screens Antique Four Poster Beds Antique French Beds Antique French Cabinets Antique French Chairs Antique French Clocks Antique French Mirrors Antique Games Antique Gateleg Table Antique Georgian Bureau Antique Georgian Mirror Antique German Clocks Antique Gilt Mirrors Antique Glass Bowls Antique Glass Vases Antique Globes Antique Gongs Antique Grandfather Clocks Antique Guns Antique Hall Chairs Antique Hall Tables Antique Hat Racks Antique Imari Antique Imari Antique Inkwells Antique Irons Antique Ivory Antique Jardniers Antique Jewellery Boxes Antique Jugs Antique Kidney Desks Antique King Size Beds Antique Kitchen Chairs Antique Kitchen Dressers Antique Kitchen Tables Antique Knee Hole Desks Antique Kudish Rugs Antique Ladders Antique Lamps Antique Lanterns Antique Large Mirrors Antique Letter Rack Antique Library Bookcases Antique Library Chairs Antique Lighters Antique Lighting Antique Linen Cupboards Antique Linen Cupboards Antique Longcase Clocks Antique Mahogany Beds Antique Mahogany Bookcases Antique Mahogany Boxes Antique Mahogany Cabinets Antique Mahogany Chairs Antique Mahogany Chest of Drawers Antique Mahogany Cupboards Antique Mahogany Desks Antique Mahogany Dressing Tables Antique Mahogany Mirrors Antique Mahogany Tables Antique Mahogany Wardrobes Antique Majolica Antique Mantel Clocks Antique Meissen Antique Microscopes Antique Military Chests Antique Minton Plates Antique Mirrors Antique Mule Chests Antique Necklaces Antique Nest of Tables Antique Nursing Chairs Antique Oak Barometers Antique Oak Bookcases Antique Oak Bureau Antique Oak Chest Antique Oak Chest of Drawers Antique Oak Desks Antique Oak Dressers Antique Oak Tables Antique Oil Paintings Antique Ottoman Antique Oval Mirrors Antique Overmantle Mirrors Antique Pair of Bookcases Antique Pair of Cabinets Antique Pair of Chairs Antique Partner Desks Antique Pedestal Desks Antique Pedestal Sideboards Antique Pembroke Tables Antique Persian Rugs Antique Pewter Antique Pianos Antique Pine Bookcases Antique Pine Cabinets Antique Pine Chest of Drawers Antique Pine Chests Antique Pine Cupboards Antique Pine Desks Antique Pine Dressers Antique Pine Tables Antique Pine Wardrobes Antique Plant Stands Antique Planters Antique Plate Stands Antique Plates Antique Porcelain Plates Antique Portraits Antique Pot Cupboards Antique Prayer Rugs Antique Prints Antique Refectory Tables Antique Regency Chairs Antique Revolving Bookcases Antique Rings Antique Rocking Chairs Antique Rocking Horse Antique Roll Top Desks Antique Rosewood Bookcases Antique Rosewood Boxes Antique Rosewood Cabinets Antique Rosewood Chairs Antique Royal Doulton Antique Royal Worcester Antique Rugs Antique Runners Antique Samplers Antique Scales Antique Scent Bottles Antique Sconces Antique Screens Antique Secretaire Bookcases Antique Servers Antique Set of Chairs Antique Setties Antique Sewing Tables Antique Side Cabinets Antique Side Tables Antique Sideboards Antique Signs Antique Silver Antique Silver Baskets Antique Silver Boats Antique Silver Boxes Antique Silver Candlesticks Antique Silver Coasters Antique Silver Coffee Pots Antique Silver Condiments Antique Silver Cups Antique Silver Cutlery Antique Silver Dishes Antique Silver Frames Antique Silver Goblets Antique Silver Jugs Antique Silver Knives Antique Silver Mugs Antique Silver Salt Cellars Antique Silver Salvers Antique Silver Scent Bottles Antique Silver Spoons Antique Silver Teapots Antique Silver Trays Antique Silver Vases Antique Snooker Tables Antique Snuff Box Antique Sofas Antique Staffordshire Antique Standard Lamps Antique Statues Antique Steps Antique Stick Barometers Antique Stick Stands Antique Stones Antique String Boxes Antique Suitcases Antique Surrounds Antique Swing Mirrors Antique Swivel Chairs Antique Swords Antique Table Lamps Antique Tables Antique Tea Caddies Antique Tea Pots Antique Tea Tables Antique Telescopes Antique Toilet Mirrors Antique Towel Rails Antique Triple Wardrobes Antique Tripod Tables Antique Tub Chairs Antique Turkish Rugs Antique Turkmen Rugs Antique Umbrella Stands Antique Vases Antique Victorian Chairs Antique Victorian Desks Antique Victorian Wardrobes Antique Walking Sticks Antique Wall Clocks Antique Wall Lights Antique Walnut Beds Antique Walnut Bookcases Antique Walnut Boxes Antique Walnut Bureau Antique Walnut Cabinets Antique Walnut Chairs Antique Walnut Chest of Drawers Antique Walnut Desks Antique Walnut Dressing Tables Antique Walnut Mirrors Antique Walnut Wardrobes Antique Wardrobes Antique Watches Antique Watercolours Antique Welsh Dressers Antique Wheel Barometer Antique Windsor Chairs Antique Windsor Chairs Antique Wine Coolers Antique Wine Tables Antique Wing Chairs Antique Worcester Plates Antique Writing Boxes Antique Writing Desks Art Art Deco Clocks Art Deco Glass Art Deco Tables Boxes Ceramics Clocks Cups Edwardian Beds Edwardian Bookcases Edwardian Cabinets Edwardian Clocks Edwardian Mirrors Fireplaces Furniture Georgian Bookcases Georgian Cabinets Georgian Chest of Drawers Georgian Chests Georgian Cupboards Georgian Dressers Georgian Mirrors Georgian Tables Glass Jewellery Metal Miscellaneous Plates Regency Bookcases Regency Boxes Regency Chest of Drawers Regency Cupboards Regency Mirrors Regency Mirrors Regency Tables Sculptures Vases Victorian Beds Victorian Bookcases Victorian Boxes Victorian Cabinets Victorian Chest of Drawers Victorian Chests Victorian Clocks Victorian Cupboards Victorian Dining Tables Victorian Dressers Victorian Dressing Tables Victorian Mirrors Victorian Tables Wellington Chest of Drawers

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